Monday, February 25, 2008

Make Shea Lip Balm

Would you like to make shea lip balm? I have a very easy recipe that is nourishing and moistuirizing. You can make shea lip balm in any size amount because I am going to give you the proportions for making any size batch you want. Here is the recipe:

Shea Lip Balm
1 part sweet almond oil
1 part shea butter
1 part natural beeswax


Melt the beeswax and shea butter in microwave in glass microwave safe bowl (use a 2 cup pyrex measuring cup). Once they are melted you can add the sweet almond oil. I like to purchase lip balm sweetener and flavor oil from Sweet Cakes for my lip balms. They also have containers for your balm. You can use the small white tubes because many people like them. However, Sweetcakes also sells clear lip pots. I LOVE the way the lip balm looks in the lip pots!
You can add a cosmetic grade pigment to color the lip balm from The Pigment Lady. Don't add too much pigment, because unless you add additional ingredients the pigment tends to settle at the bottom of the lip color before it is cured. I like to keep my lip balms simple with fewer ingredients, so I just go for soft colors with the pigment.

You can pour the lip balm directly into containers from the measuring cup. Do this quickly before the balm sets up. If you have lip balm setting up, just throw it back into the microwave again until is it re-melted. One tip for pouring into the lip balm tubes -- use masking tape to tape several of the tubes together. This keeps them upright (they like to tip over) and makes for fast easy pouring. Be sure to pour the lip balm into the tube until it is very mounded on the top as the balm tends to settle once it cures.

Lip balm cures quickly in relation to soap. Overnight will do the job.

If you would like soapmaking help, you can check out my website at How to Make Soap.

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